Joe Barth III

The "Rocky the Road Runner with Geico in His Mouth" is mounted on a board suitable for wall hanging; very light weight for its size.  Approximately six feet from beak to tail, about 38 inches tall.  SILENT AUCTION, minimum bid:  $400.  Click here to use our "Contact Form" to submit your bid.

Howling "Louie the Lobo" is about 40 inches tall and 18 inches wide.  Display on wall, table, or floor.  Silent Auction, minimum bid $275.  Go to our "Contact Us" page to submit your offer! 

With just a few photos, Joe can create a work of art based on your dog, your cat, or YOUR MAMA!

But suddenly the creations came to life...

It took some imagination to guess how simple sheets of brown paper and some glue could be transformed into works of art by master Joe Barth... and he drew a crowd to watch the magic!