Enjoy local musicians performing ORIGINAL Jazz & Blues Music!

Blues Originals - Guitar and Vocals

Chicago Style Blues Originals

7 String Arch-top Guitar & Vocals

Piano & Vocal Originals

Join us every Tuesday night for "Fat Tuesday and Gumbo Fest"
with live original music by Todd Tijerina.

We are watching the weather as the season progresses,
and will be bringing live entertainment on Fridays & Saturdays, weather permitting.

The Atmosphere

Welcome to New Orleans in New Mexico - The French Quarter on the corner in Nob Hill.  From the checkered table cloths and original artwork to the very paint on the walls, Nawlins Mardi Gras Cafe is designed to bring back memories of a trip to New Orleans, or inspire you to visit if you've never been.

The Attitude

Chef Eddie Adams was mentored by legendary chefs and restaurateurs in New Orleans, and has a good time making sure his guests have a good time!

It's all about the food, the Southern hospitality, and the 5 senses: smell, see, hear, taste, and touch.  People will be able to come in here and take a trip to New Orleans without the airfare!.

The Art

We are so fortunate to have Joe Barth III as a long time friend. Joe is based in New Orleans, and has honored us with a visit and demonstration of his unique style. Joe does commission work as well, so you can have a sculpture of yourself, a family member, your pet, or even a sports legend made to order!

Our decor includes prints of original New Orleans street scenes and other works by Michael Dickson, and prints are available on BuyNawlins.com.

More about us...

 The New Orleans Cooking