Chef Eddie’s N’awlins Mardi Gras Cafe NOW OPEN!

Enjoy local musicians performing ORIGINAL Jazz & Blues Music!


August 9

Todd Tijerina

August 16

Todd Tijerina


August 12

Todd Lowry

August 19



August 13

Todd Tijerina

August 20

Todd Tijerina

Blues Originals - Guitar and Vocals

Chicago Style Blues Originals

7 String Arch-top Guitar & Vocals

Piano & Vocal Originals

Nothing beats Nawlins cooking and live music on our patio!

A big part of what makes New Orleans and Nawlins Mardi Gras Cafe so unique is the art.  We are so fortunate to have artist Joe Barth III as a long time friend.  Joe is based in New Orleans, and has honored us with a visit and demonstration of his unique style.  Joe does commission work as well, so you can have a sculpture of yourself, a family member, your pet, or even a sports legend made to order!

Every bite is a Mardi Gras in your Mouth That’ll Make your Eyes Bug Out!